Medical Marijuana 2020

How it would work in Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions 

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How it would work in Mississippi

1. What is the process for a qualified patient to obtain medical marijuana treatment?
A qualified patient will be someone who has been examined by a licensed physician in Mississippi for a debilitating medical condition (listed above), and has received a recommendation for medical marijuana treatment from the physician. The qualified patient will then use the physician recommendation to apply for a Medical Marijuana ID Card through the Mississippi Department of Health.

Once the patient has obtained a Medical Marijuana ID Card, they may proceed to obtain treatment from a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center in the state of Mississippi. Medical marijuana will only be dispensed to qualified patients with valid Medical Marijuana ID Cards. 

Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers will confirm the following according to the rules and regulations set by the Mississippi Department of Health:

  • Patient has a valid Medical Marijuana ID Card that is not expired, and
  • Patient has an available allotment to purchase according to the time frame and amount allowed per the state’s regulatory requirements.

2. Will there be an expiration date for the Medical Marijuana ID Cards? What will the process for renewal be? 
Most states’ programs require a renewal annually, while some states allow for two- or three-year renewals. Mississippi will require an annual renewal unless the physician opts for a shorter time period. 

To renew a Medical Marijuana ID Card, patients will need to complete an examination with a physician to determine if a qualifying medical condition is still present. The patient will then apply for a renewal card by submitting the physician recommendation to the Mississippi Department of Health. 

3. What factors determine qualification for a recommendation from a physician?
A physician may only recommend medical marijuana after examining a patient and determining that a patient meets one or more of the allowable diagnoses. A physician's decision to recommend medical marijuana would be the same as when they choose to prescribe any other medication, in which the physician believes the use of medical marijuana could benefit the patient. 

4. Where will medical marijuana be available?
Medical marijuana will only be available at licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in the state of Mississippi.

5. Who will oversee and regulate Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in Mississippi?
Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers will be registered with, licensed, and regulated by the Mississippi Department of Health.

6. Are physicians required to recommend medical marijuana?
No. Physicians are not required to recommend medical marijuana just as they are not required to prescribe any other treatment method. This ballot initiative will simply grant physicians the freedom to recommend medical marijuana to patients who may benefit from it.

7. How is the dosage per patient determined?
Dosages will be determined at the Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. The dosages recommended per patient will vary, and will depend upon the method consumed and the symptoms the patient is wishing to alleviate. 

8. Will there be limits to the amount and frequency that patients can obtain medical marijuana treatment?
Yes. Just as other states that allow the use of medical marijuana have limits regarding the amount and frequency by which patients can obtain treatment, Mississippi will as well. Other states’ limits range from 1 ounce to 8 ounces. In Mississippi, the allotment allowed will be 2.5 ounces every fourteen days, and will be regulated by the Mississippi Department of Health. 

9. Will there be people growing medical marijuana in my neighborhood?
No. Qualified patients may only obtain medical marijuana from a licensed treatment center. Although seventeen of the thirty-one states with medical marijuana programs do allow patients to grow medical marijuana on their own property, Mississippi’s proposal will require medical marijuana patients to purchase medication from licensed and regulated Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers.

10. Will insurance cover the costs of medical marijuana treatment?
No. Insurance is not required to cover the costs of medical marijuana treatment. The cost for medical marijuana treatment will be paid for out of pocket by the patient.

11. Will people under the age of 21 be able to use medical marijuana? Are there side effects for developing children (under age of 18)?
People under the age of twenty-one will be able to use medical marijuana as treatment. There are no proven side effects for developing children under the age of eighteen, but there are many testimonials of the benefits seen in children who have used medical marijuana for treatment of symptoms of approved debilitating medical conditions in other states. 

12. Will Mississippi allow caregivers to help children and elderly patients purchase and take their medical marijuana?
Yes. All states with medical marijuana programs, and Washington D.C., authorize the use of caregivers to assist patients who need help purchasing medical marijuana. Mississippi’s initiative would allow this as well. 

Caregivers would be issued a Medical Marijuana ID Card specifically for caregivers. Caregiver cards will include the patient’s name whom they are authorized to assist. The Caregiver Medical Marijuana ID Card would authorize caregivers to purchase medical marijuana on behalf of the patient and assist the patient with taking their medication. Caregivers can be authorized to care for only one patient. 

13. How will the regulations for this new program be paid for?
The Mississippi Department of Health will provide the upfront costs for implementing the program. It will then be reimbursed, and the program shall also then pay for itself, through Medical Marijuana ID Card application fees and business applications for licenses. 

14. How much will it cost to apply for a Medical Marijuana ID Card? 
The initial cost will be $50 to apply for a Medical Marijuana ID Card; it will be the same for renewal Medical Marijuana ID Cards. This cost applies for all Medical Marijuana ID Cards, regardless of type (patient, caregiver…etc.). 

15. What is a medical marijuana business?
A Medical Marijuana business is any business that has applied for and received a license from the Mississippi Department of Health to cultivate, process, test, or sell medical marijuana.
his may include:

  • Cultivation facilities (agricultural greenhouses where the plant is grown and harvested) 
  • Testing facilities where the products are scientifically tested and approved
  • Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers where the products are sold to patients