Medical Marijuana 2020


What is Medical Marijuana 2020?


In order to make medical marijuana available to patients who are suffering from pain and other chronic conditions, Mississippi voters must approve an amendment to the state constitution. This amendment will be on the 2020 general election ballot and, if approved, will create a safe and legal process for patients to obtain medical marijuana from licensed and regulated treatment centers. 

The ability of those persons to obtain medical marijuana is built around an examination by a Mississippi physician, a diagnosis of a debilitating medical condition, and a certification by the physician that medical marijuana may be used. Medical marijuana is then obtained from a licensed and regulated treatment center that is both limited by amount and by time period. Additionally, the initiative creates the position of caregivers who can assist disabled or home-bound patients. 

The Mississippi Department of Health is charged with regulating and enforcing the provisions of the initiative. A total of 33 states, including Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida, allow for the use of medical marijuana. All states require a physician examination and certification before a person can obtain medical marijuana, and all states allow for a caregiver who can assist disabled or home-bound patients. Every state regulates the businesses that grow, produce, transport, and dispense medical marijuana, and every state imposes some limit on the purchase, possession, or distribution of medical marijuana.

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Join the Campaign

The proposed initiative will be on the general election ballot in November 2020 following the collection of more than 86,000 signatures. Click below for information on how you can sign the petition to make medical marijuana available to qualifying patients who have debilitating medical conditions.