Medical Marijuana 2020

Process steps

How it would work

How a person would obtain medical marijuana in Mississippi as a result of the initiative

STEP 1 – A person must have a debilitating medical condition. The term “debilitating medical condition” is defined in the proposal as one of 22 named diseases, plus there is a special allowance for a physician to certify medical marijuana for a similar diagnosis.

STEP 2 – A person with a debilitating medical condition is examined in-person and in Mississippi by a Mississippi physician. The term “physician” is defined in the proposal as a Mississippi-licensed M.D. or D.O. If the physician concludes that a person suffers from a debilitating medical condition and that the use of medical marijuana may mitigate the symptoms or effects of the condition, the physician may certify the person to use medical marijuana by issuing a form as prescribed by the Mississippi Board of Health. The issuance of this form is defined in the proposal as a “physician certification” and is valid for 12 months, unless the physician specifies a shorter period of time.

STEP 3 – A person with a debilitating medical condition who has been issued a physician certification becomes a qualified patient under the proposal.

STEP 4 – A qualified patient then presents the physician certification to the Mississippi Department of Health and is issued a medical marijuana identification card. The ID card allows the patient to obtain medical marijuana from a licensed and regulated treatment center and protects the patient from civil and/or criminal sanctions in the event the patient is confronted by law enforcement officers. “Shopping” among multiple treatment centers is prevented through the use of a real-time database and online access system maintained by the Mississippi Department of Health.