Medical Marijuana 2020

Why it's important in Mississippi

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Why it's important in Mississippi

32. What is the history of medical marijuana efforts in Mississippi?
CBD Oil was signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant in 2014. A little girl named Harper Grace was the face of the debate over cannabis oil in Mississippi. Harper Grace has Dravet syndrome, a type of epilepsy that causes violent seizures. In other states, children like Harper Grace have used cannabis oil extract to fight the seizures. 

However, Harper Grace has yet to receive her first dose of cannabis oil from Mississippi. Harper Grace’s Law said UMMC is the only place that is allowed to distribute or conduct clinical trials on cannabis oil extract. But because the hospital needs federal approval to do it, UMMC officials claim that they are bogged down in federal paperwork. 

After Harper Grace’s Law was signed but still had not been made available, legislation was introduced three years in a row that would have allowed chronically ill patients with certain medical conditions to safely and legally access and use medical marijuana with a doctor’s approval, which would have also allowed Harper Grace to receive her medicine. It has been voted down each time.